Children's Trick or Treat or Harvest of Haunts (Up to 48% Off)

Charmingfare Farm - Candia, NH
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  • Two fun, family-friendly Halloween events
  • Children's Trick or Treat ($12/person) is perfect for little kids who don't wish to be frightened
  • Harvest of Haunts ($13/person) is for families with children 8 years and older who want a spooky Halloween adventure

Charmingfare Farm
774 High St.
Candia, NH     Map It!
(603) 483-5623
Website | Facebook

You Should Know

  • Voucher must be converted into a booking by visiting by 10/12/16 (Trick or Treat) or 10/16/16 (Haunts)*
  • One voucher per person (each child and each adult) required
  • Subject to availability - Book Early on for best selection of dates and times
  • Children 23 months and under admitted free

*Afterward, redeemable for purchase price toward farm credit. No refunds.

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More Details

Children's Trick or Treat - 5 Special Attractions
  • Sat Oct. 15 & Sun Oct. 16
  • Sat Oct. 22 & Sun Oct. 23
  • Sat Oct. 29 & Sun Oct. 30
Harvest of Haunts - 4 Haunting Experiences
  • Fri Oct. 7 & Sat Oct. 8
  • Fri Oct. 14 & Sat Oct. 15
  • Fri Oct. 21 & Sat Oct. 22
  • Fri Oct. 28 & Sat Oct. 29

This offer let's you experience two fun-filled events at one of the state’s most popular family friendly attractions, Charmingfare Farm. $12 will get you admission to the annual Children's Trick or Treat (a $19 value) or $13 will get you admission to Harvest of Haunts which includes four heart-pounding scares as you travel by horse-drawn wagon through the dark forests of New Hampshire – a $25 value!

Children's Trick or Treat - Those of you who choose Charmingfare Farm's daytime Children's Trick or Treat will find it perfect for little ghouls and boils who don’t wish to be frightened but still want the excitement of wearing their favorite costume and having a fun-filled Halloween adventure. This event is merry-not-scary! There are 5 special attractions featuring candy stops for Trick or Treating. When you arrive at the farm your family will receive a map with the order each attraction must be attended. Just follow along and discover various candy stops where children can collect their treats.

Harvest of Haunts - Charmingfare Farm’s evening and nighttime Harvest of Haunts adventure is an option for families with children (8 years and older) looking for a spooky Halloween adventure.

You will first experience the Horse Drawn Ride as you travel down twisting roads into sinister darkened woods. Ahead is a cemetery with weathered gravestones. Something crawls in the darkness. After that you'll find the deserted hunters lodge. Ghastly looking skulls & antlers adorn its walls. Strange primeval creatures roam the woods!

Next, you visit and travel through the Barn of the Dead where a ghostly figure approaches and beckons all into the barn. Threatening farm tools hang from the beams. A frightening tale unfolds. Just then you hear a panic-stricken scream and your brain cries “Get out! Before it’s too late!” The lucky ones make it out alive.

Your next experience is a Tractor Bog Ride. At this point in the journey, rolling hills surround the survivors. A tractor driver yells “Get on board! This is your only way out!” The tractor heads off for the dank swamp. Vines, weeds and decay surround the passengers. People scream and terror fills the night.

Finally, if you’ve survived this far, the Infested Corn Field awaits you. Scarecrows hanging on large poles stare blankly as you enter. This is the last chance to make it to safety. Which path do you take? Choose wisely - your life depends on it! Fail and you will learn the horror of the harvesting!

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